Michelle Hsu is an award winning writer based in Los Angeles. She writes in film/TV as well as short fiction.

As a female first generation Asian American, Michelle is passionate about diversity in entertainment and media. After being Co-President of Multicultural Filmmakers Collective at Northwestern University, she has continued to stay up-to-date and involved in issues of representation in Hollywood.

In her writing, Michelle focuses on stories about women, people of color, those that identify as LGBTQIA+, and marginalized peoples.

As a young child, Michelle‚Äôs role model was Mulan, one of the only female Asian characters in children's media at the time. Today, Michelle writes stories about strong POC women, in the hopes that she will create empowering characters for younger generations to look up to. 

Originally from the sleepy suburb of Downers Grove, Illinois, Michelle graduated from Northwestern University in 2016 with a double major in Environmental Science and Radio/Television/Film Studies. She packed her belongings into a small car and made the time-honored trek to LA to pursue a career in entertainment; she is currently working at Universal Studios in the Story Department for Film.